Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life

Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life is a definitive 512-page encyclopedia, covering everything kids aged 9+ need to know about dinosaurs, prehistoric animals and the first plants.

• Exciting text, written and checked by experts.
• Detailed artwork, diagrams and photos to put facts into context.
• Perfect for school work and projects.

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Starting with the beginning of life on Earth, this comprehensive book looks everything from early plants and the first amphibians to early reptiles and the first dinosaurs.

The Age of Dinosaurs is explored in detail, and covers many exciting discoveries of new species, as well a comprehensive guide to better-known species such as T rex. The fascinating progression from dinosaurs to birds is clearly explained, which leads into the Age of Mammals. Finally the book concludes with the appearance of early humans and the evolution of modern humans.

A useful introduction to children's dinosaur books for kids doing school projects or homework.

The eight themed sections of Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life:
• Ancient life: Fossil formation, First invertebrates and Arthropods
• Age of fishes: Sharks, Megalodon and Bony fish
• Animals onto land: Great amphibians, Snakes and Ichthyosaurs
• Reptiles in the air: Reptile gliders, Guidraco and Giant pterosaurs
• Dinosaurs: Ancestors, Estimating size, and Age and lifespan
• Birds: Bird fossils, Terror Birds and Flightless birds
• Age of mammals: Marsupials, Herbivores and First horses
• Humans: Early primates, Homo sapiens and Intelligence

Key features of Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life:
• Authoritative text, written and checked by experts, ensures the most up-to-date dinosaur discoveries are included.
• Hundreds of bulleted facts, detailed dinosaur illustrations and amazing photographs keep young readers interested in the subject.
• Fascinating fact panels help kids to absorb new information.


Author: Steve Parker
Pages: 512
Age: 9+
Format: Hardback with neon ink
Size: 297 x 228 mm
ISBN: 9781786170224

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