Space books and toys – Christmas Gift Guide 2023

A few years ago, my eldest son was very into space (and still is to a point). We enjoyed taking him to the Space Museum, spotting the glowing dot of Jupiter in the night sky and making many, many Solar System wall friezes or models. Once, he even covered a variety of marbles with white sticky labels, so he could design them as planets. As I have experienced, space-themed books and toys can inspire such wonder in young children, as they get to grips with hard-to-believe ideas and marvel at the idea that astronauts can actually travel into the unknown on gigantic rockets. It's all pretty awesome, really.

So I've chosen a mere handful of space-inspired gifts, from books (ours, of course) and toys to clothing and crafts, so you can give a gift that boosts their wonder about the world beyond.

Miles Kelly's Space Books and Toys Christmas Gift Guide

1. Big Words for Little Experts Space: £4.99, Miles Kelly

2. Mimi & Lula Rocket Man Hair Clips: £8, Molly Meg

3. Space Astronaut Slippers: From £12, John Lewis

4. Stunning Space Sketchbook: £16, Lots of Lovely Art

5. Space Shuttle Model: £15, John Lewis

6. Space Rocket Sweater: From £20, Monsoon

7. Space Explorer Pencil Case: £12.95, Eat Sleep Doodle

8. Space Print Socks: From £6.50, John Lewis

9. Convertible Spaceship: £14.99, Miles Kelly

10. World's Biggest Colour-in Space: £3.99, Miles Kelly

11. Djeco Space Alarm Clock: £21.99, Small Kins

12. Make Your Own Space Monster Puppets: £3.50, Cotton Twist

13. Janod Silver Magnetic Rocket: £19.99, John Lewis

14. Lego 3-in-1 Space Shuttle: £8.99, M&S 

15. Space Age Erasers: £2.95, Rex London


And if you want more Space Book choice, here you go…

Miles Kelly Space Books for kids - Christmas gift guide

1. World's Biggest Colour-in Space: £3.99, 3+ years

2. Big Words for Little Experts Space: £4.99, 2+

3. Lots to Spot Space!: £4.99, 3+

4. Convertible Spaceship: £14.99, 3+

5. Wonderful Words Space: £7.99, 3+

6. First Space Book: £6.99, 3+

7. Project Space: £4.99, 7+

8. Curious Questions & Answers about Space Machines: £4.99, 5+

9. Curious Questions & Answers Space: £11.99, 5+