Convertible Fire Engine

Convertible Fire Engine is the ultimate large play mat for kids aged 3–6 years to learn, play and pretend to be a firefighter! This amazing storybook folds into a play mat and a sit-in fire engine!

• Fantastically detailed illustrations by Simon Abbott.
• Folds up to be easily stored when your child has finished playing.
• Turns into a sit-in fire engine for kids to play in after reading.

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Convertible Fire Engine book can be used as a play mat, read as a storybook and made into a sit-in fire engine. This 3-in-1 convertible book engages toddlers with its enjoyable story and brightly coloured illustrations.

Features of Convertible Fire Engine book:
• Read a short story with your child about a fire engine on an exciting journey to help put out a fire and all the obstacles along the way.
• The illustrated route allows kids to follow the fire engine and interact with the story on the large play mat, designed as a village, using their own toys.
• The fun, simple text encourages word recognition and early reading skills, helps kids to make independent decisions about what to do next and excites them to read on and find out what happens next.
• The sit-in toy allows kids to 'become' a fire officer for the day and drive a fire engine!


Series: Convertible
Author: Amy Johnson
Illustrator: Simon Abbott
Panels: 7
Age: 3–6
Size: 345 x 345 mm when folded
Format: Board
ISBN: 9781782092018

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