Convertible Pirate Ship

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Convertible Pirate Ship is the perfect playbook for toddlers aged 3+ years to read, play and pretend to be a pirate!

  • Fun, pirate adventure story for your child to enjoy
  • Folds into a pirate ship for your child to play inside
  • Wonderfully illustrated play mat to entertain your child for hours

Product description

Convertible Pirate Ship can be used as a story book, large play mat and turned into a sit-in pirate ship toy. Read the story with your child about a pirate ship on a treasure hunt and follow the map to find where 'x' marks the spot. The illustrated play mat story route allows your child to follow and interact with the story using their own toys. Finally, the sit-in toy will spark their imagination as they captain and steer a ship!


Series: Convertible
Author: Amy Johnson
Illustrator: Simon Abbott
Panels: 7
Age: 3–6
Size: 345 x 345 mm when folded
Format: Board
ISBN: 9781782092032

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