Meet the team

Meet the team at Miles Kelly – see what they do at work and what helps them to relax after hours. With such a small, dedicated team, everyone feels very much part of the Miles Kelly family!


Gerard, Company Director – Miles Kelly
Gerard, Company Director

From an early age, Gerard has had a passion for books. It's his mission to get a top-quality children's book into the hands of every child – at an affordable price. He considers himself to be a Little Lebowski Urban Achiever with a penchant for Zen cycling.

Richard, Sales Director – Miles Kelly
Richard, Sales Director

During his 12 years at Miles Kelly, Richard has sold millions of books worldwide. Words he wouldn't use to describe himself are sophisticated, urbane and multi-lingual.

Andy, Trade and Export Sales Manager – Miles Kelly
Andy, Trade and Export Sales Manager

Responsible for UK trade and English language sales around the world, Andy manages multiple accounts from small museums to huge overseas bookshops. In his spare time, he likes skiing and hill-walking.

Rob, Promotional Sales Manager – Miles Kelly
Rob, Promotional Sales Manager

Rob deals with wholesalers, supermarkets and other promotional retailers. His favourite things include playing golf, cooking and dog walking.

Amanda, Marketing Director – Miles Kelly
Amanda, Marketing Director

Managing the Miles Kelly website, ebook stores and other digital outlets, Amanda is always coming up with ways to get our books in front of kids! Outside of work, she loves dog walking, reading books and watching tv series!



Ruth, Rights Director – Miles Kelly
Ruth, Rights Director

Ruth travels the world to sell book rights to publishers in other countries. Her favourite things include cycling and shoe shopping.

Sean, Rights Executive – Miles Kelly
Sean, Rights Manager

Sean negotiates book rights and organizes the bookfair stands. His favourite things include watching films and comedy gigs.


Belinda, Publishing Director – Miles Kelly
Belinda, Publishing Director

Surrounded by a sea of paper most days, Belinda oversees every book published. She's a complete dinosaur geek, and would love a pet T rex to keep at the office. As well as a dalmatian puppy or two!

Rosie, Editorial Director – Miles Kelly
Rosie, Editorial Director

Rosie works alongside Belinda to oversee the editorial team and the publishing list. She loves Bruce Springsteen, coffee and making to-do lists. And Saiga antelope.

Amy, Senior Editor – Miles Kelly
Amy, Senior Editor

Amy loves working on lots of different books. As well as being a bookworm, she enjoys street dance, watching TV crime dramas and eating lots of chocolate.

Fran, Senior Editor – Miles Kelly
Fran, Senior Editor

Fran enjoys researching and editing every day. Her favourite things include eating sushi, watching Criminal Minds and nature walks with her husband and son at the weekend.


Jo, Creative Director – Miles Kelly
Jo, Creative Director

Jo oversees all design work. She likes cooking, crafting and drinking fruity drinks with friends in her sunny garden.

Simon, Design Manager – Miles Kelly
Simon, Design Manager

Simon loves to think outside the box. He likes Southend United, Krautrock, peanuts and comics where no one wears tights or capes.

Joe, Senior Designer – Miles Kelly
Joe, Design Manager

A brilliant illustrator and designer, Joe loves running, wine, crisps and camping with her family – not necessarily all at the same time!

Rob, Designer – Miles Kelly
Rob, Senior Designer

Rob sees his job as rearranging pictures and words until they look amazing! He likes rock climbing, drawing and going to the cinema.


Steph, Reprographics Manager – Miles Kelly
Steph, Reprographics Manager

Every year, Steph and his team prepare thousands of pages to go to the printer. He's a cycle nut and commutes to work on his bike in all weather!

Jennifer, Senior Reprographics Artist – Miles Kelly
Jennifer, Senior Reprographics Artist

Jenni helps to prepare the final files for the printer. She likes live music and spending time at the beach with her family.

Lorraine, Reprints Manager – Miles Kelly
Lorraine, Reprints Manager

Lorraine makes sure important corrections are taken in for any reprint. She loves walking her Cocker Spaniel Paddy and loathes coriander.

Liberty, Image Manager – Miles Kelly
Liberty, Image Manager

Libbe negotiates fees with photo agencies and orders thousands of images for our books. In her spare time, she likes watching films and spending time with her family.

Anthony, IT Manager – Miles Kelly
Anthony, IT Manager

Anthony looks after the computer equipment and works on ebooks and apps. His hobbies include motorsports, gadgets, films and computer games.


Sally, Production Director – Miles Kelly
Sally, Production Director

Sally places the print orders, sourcing the highest-quality materials for our books. She's learning Italian and bee-keeping.

Liz, Production Manager – Miles Kelly
Liz, Production Manager

Responsible for the printing of our books, Liz manages the logistics of millions of books every year. She loves crafts, including knitting.

Caroline, Production Assistant – Miles Kelly
Caroline, Assistant Production Manager

Caroline works closely with printers and clients, to ensure books are printed correctly. She loves travelling to other countries and drinking iced tea.


Pete, Financial Director – Miles Kelly
Pete, Financial Director

Pete processes enough numbers to make your brain hurt! His hobbies include watching cycling and captaining his local snooker team.

Julie, Accounts Assistant – Miles Kelly
Julie, Accounts Assistant

Julie is responsible for processing invoices. She likes spending time with her children and walking her German Shepherd Jessie.