10 Dinosaur-themed Party Ideas for Kids

Children's parties are a serious business, with so much care and attention given to make sure your child has the best day. From bouncy castles and balloon arches to themed food and costumes, there's so much to think about. So here's some of the best ideas for the ultimate dinosaur-themed party for your child!

1. Dinosaur invitations

If you are super crafty, you can design your invitations in the shape of a dinosaur egg or footprint. The egg invitations that open up to reveal the details are amazing! There are also some lovely printables available to make your job a bit easier!

2. Dino decorations

Transform your kitchen, garden or village hall into a prehistoric jungle with green streamers, bunches of green balloons and dinosaur footprints dotted around. You can go all out with flying dinosaurs on Etsy and cute dinosaur honeycomb decorations by Meri Meri. And don't forget the table – go super simple with a green tablecloth and some prehistoric paper cups and plates.


3. Dino costumes

You could suggest that the kids come dressed as their favourite dinosaurs, or provide some dinosaur masks or hats so they can all be the same.

4. Dinosaur Dig game

If you want to add DIY party games to the mix, create a Dinosaur Dig game. Simply bury small dinosaur toys or plastic bones in a sandbox for the kids to find using small spoons. 

5. Dino crafts

Set up a craft station where kids can create their own dinosaur masks, paper plate dinosaur faces or dinosaur lunch placemats.

6. Dino cake

There are so many ideas for dinosaur cakes out there. Bake a bundt cake with orange sweets piled in the middle (for lava) and dinosaur figures around the edges. So just pretty icing and a dinosaur toy on top. The adventurous bakers could bake a footprint-shaped cake. And don't forget, many supermarkets offer great themed cakes and cupcakes, so if you're pushed for time, this is a great task to delegate!


7. Dinosaur egg hunt

Hide foam dinosaur eggs around the room or garden for the children to find and exchange for chocolate eggs or sweets. Working as a big team works well so all of the children get a prize and there are no tears!

8. Stick the tail on the dinosaur

Reinvent the classic game with a huge poster of a T-rex or Triceratops. Use a scarf to blindfold each child, and colourful stickers (rather than pins) for them to add the tail. You could add a tail made from wool to the sticker that is placed nearest the tail area!

9. Dino snacks

Serve dinosaur-inspired snacks! Use pretzels or cheese straws as dino bones, grapes and blueberries as dino eggs, sticks of carrot and cucumber as herbivore snacks, apple juice as swamp water, cone-shaped crisps as dino claws, and watermelon slices as dino spikes.

10. Party favours

You could fill a bag with small toys, sweets and bubbles. But if you want to stand out from the crowd and give the children something that will be used again and again (rather than end up in the bin), give an amazing dinosaur book. Our picture books are often on offer to help you out with this – with 10 for £10 or 3 for 2. 

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