Why are sticker books so great for kids?

Young children love sticker books and for good reason – they are super fun. But that's not all. By enjoying and using sticker books, your child is developing skill after skill that will help them as they move into nursery and school. Let's take a look at what these humble little powerhouse books do for your child…

1. Creativity and Imagination

Sticker books encourage your child to express their creativity and imagination. They can create scenes, stories and artwork by placing stickers in different combinations and arrangements. This stimulates their imagination and helps them develop their own ideas.

2. Fine Motor Skills

Peeling stickers and placing them on a page helps your child to develop their fine motor skills. Your child practises their hand-eye coordination and finger control, which will be needed as they get older when writing, drawing and moving objects.

3. Cognitive Development

Using sticker books can enhance cognitive development in your child. As they arrange stickers, your child learns to sort objects based on colours, shapes, sizes or themes. Your child will also develop spatial awareness, by deciding where to place stickers on each page.

4. Language and Vocabulary

Sticker books are easy, fun to use and accessible for your young child, which naturally leads to language development. Your child may chat about their creations or describe the stickers they're using. A younger child may point to a sticker that is familiar to them, prompting you to offer an explanation. This communication helps expand their vocabulary, improve their sentence construction, and develop their communication skills – even if they're not yet talking!

5. Focus and Concentration

Engaging with sticker books requires concentration and focus. Your child will need to pay attention to details, follow instructions, and stay engaged with the task. This helps improve their ability to concentrate for longer periods and develop their attention span, a great headstart for their time at school.

6. Entertainment and Relaxation

Sticker books are easy to use, so can entertain and relax your child when they need some quiet time but still like interactive activities. They can go at their own pace, enjoying being immersed in the activity.

Our new Super Sticker Books are bright, colourful and slim, ideal for taking with you when it'd be super if your child could sit still for as long as possible! We've covered loads of subjects to interest and engage as many little minds as we can.

Super Sticker Books – Miles Kelly

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