5 books to wow kids about Science

Some children can be put off by ‘big’ words and complicated concepts that they can’t quite get their head around. Here are 3 of our science books for kids that will break the ice with science…

1. Curious Questions & Answers About Science for 5+

Our popular Curious Q&A books are a hit with little ones because they really do make learning fun. Putting a twist on the traditional way science is taught, Curious Q&A about Science asks all the intriguing questions children are thinking and answers them in a relatable way. Special feature pages such as ‘How Many?’ and ‘Did you Know?' break up the book and offer staggering stats and mind-blowing facts. The ‘Would you Rather?’ page offers a fun and imaginative way to learn new facts and make a personal choice based on these facts. Every spread is packed with quirky characters and colourful illustrations that will engage your child and make them want to return to the book again and again!

2. First Body Book for 5+

Our First Reference range is a great way to introduce important subjects in a very clear and interesting way. First Body Book takes children (quite literally) on a journey through the human body. Topics covered include key body systems such as the respiratory and the nervous system, our five amazing senses, how we are born, and how our bodies change as we grow. Colourful diagrams explain exactly how things work so children can easily get to grips with the nitty gritty of human biology. Activities and key facts are dotted around to help children practise what they are learning and draw their attention to key information. The book comes complete with a wonderful wall poster to help children memorise key body parts.

3. The Science Book for 9+

The Science Book approaches all things explosion, speed, inventions and breakthroughs, human body, chemistry and reactions with the wow factor in mind. Each page is individually designed to reflect the exciting content to encourage older children to become immersed in the subject. Expert authors present only the most jaw-dropping facts, accompanied by equally as awesome photographs, to wow young readers again and again.

4. Wild About Science for 7+

This fantastic range of fact books are loved by kids because each idea is split into a short numbered paragraph. Why does that matter? Children (and adults) thrive on achievement and reward, and by working through each numbered fact, they can see progression and are inspired to carry on. Win win! Wild About Science looks at general science, inventors and the human body. Plus there are standout amazing fact panels, activities to reinforce learning for practical learners, and quizzes to recap what's been covered. 

5. 100 Facts Inventions 7+

With 100 fascinating facts to work through, accompanied by photos, diagrams and cutaways, young children will quickly become engrossed in inventions – and how everything they use today came from some clever thinking in the past. 100 Facts Inventions is a great resource for children to draw on for school projects, homework and, of course, just for fun.

100 Facts Evolution
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Curious Questions & Answers About Science
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100 Facts Flight
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100 Facts Speed
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