Miles Kelly and Book Aid International

Miles Kelly is very proud to support charities such as Book Aid International, who help reach millions of children in Africa through a network of librarians, volunteers and donators. Find out from Communications Executive, Jenny, about how books from donators are used, and what you can do to support their cause:

"At Book Aid International we believe that all children should have the opportunity to read. Miles Kelly’s eye-catching First Q&A series of books is a great way to introduce children to the joy of books and reading whilst teaching them about the fascinating world around them. Covering a wide range of topics from sea creatures to plants, animals and the human body, these activity-based books are perfect for our Open Doors programme to create child-friendly spaces in public libraries and our Inspiring Readers school library programme.

Thanks to donations of books from publishers like Miles Kelly, Book Aid International is able to provide children’s books to libraries like Nakaseke community library in rural Uganda which has little budget to buy books of its own. Many people in Nakaseke are subsistence farmers and books at home are a rarity. Local schools also do not have budget for books.


Head Librarian Peter Balaba leads a reading activity


Book Aid International has helped the library to create a Children’s Corner, filled with new books and child-sized furniture. It has become a very special place for the children of Nakaseke. The library runs outreach programmes with local schools which has proven so popular that up to 100 children might be in the library at one time. The Children’s Corner is a hub of activities for children from the surrounding communities. Children like Victoria, 8 and Priscilla, 4 are learning to read here and developing a love of reading from a young age:

“Before my daughters came here, they weren’t readers. Victoria has really improved in school after using the library. She was 15th in her class last year and this year she is 4th. She wants to be a doctor and Priscilla wants to be a policewoman. If they keep using the library, their wish will become a reality.Livingstone, father of Victoria and Priscilla.

You can find out more about Nakaseke library here.


This World Book Day, why not dress up, hold a book or a cake sale and help Book Aid International send even more books to children in Africa? For ways to support Book Aid International on World Book Day click here."

About Book Aid International
Book Aid International is the UK’s leading library development charity working in sub-Saharan Africa. Across Africa millions of people are unable to reach their full potential because of a basic lack of books, reading materials and information. We believe that books and reading afford people the opportunity to improve their own lives and that is why we work with over 2,600 libraries each year to ensure that more people have access to the joy and value of reading. Through book provision, library development, teacher support and librarian training, our work benefits hundreds of thousands of people in Africa annually. We have over 60 years’ experience of working in partnership with libraries in Africa and we know that reading can change lives.


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