Make! A paper moon

The biggest, brightest thing in the night sky is the Moon. It travels through space with Earth. The two worlds are 384,400 km apart and an invisible force called gravity holds them together.

Using our free downloadable kids’ activity sheet, you can make your own moon from a balloon and strips of newspaper!

What you’ll need: 

Round balloon
PVA glue
Black and white paint
Paper moon activity – Miles Kelly
1. Tear the newspaper into strips.
2. Blow up the balloon until it is a small, round shape and tie a knot in its neck.
3. Pour some PVA glue into a bowl.
4. Dip a strip of newspaper into the glue and lay it over the balloon. Add more glued strips, overlapping them until the whole balloon is covered. Build up thicker layers in some places to make mountains and craters.
5. When the glue is completely dry, paint your moon. Mix the black and white paint to make different shades of grey. Don’t forget to add shadowy craters to make it look like the real Moon.
6. Look at your moon and see how it compares to the real thing!

Click here to download our fun and free paper moon kids’ activity sheet.


7+ years
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