5 summertime goals ideas for families

If you're fortunate enough to have some time off this summertime to be with your kids, it doesn't have to be all about big activities and gestures. We can all do small things together to bond, reset and make happy memories.

1. Spend time outside

Whether it’s a quick walk to the park or a fantastic stroll through a wooded forest, getting outside and being active is a great way to spend time as a family and keep fit. If you fancy a bug hunt, we have some super bug books to help you identify whatever you find.

2. Read together more

Spend time reading books, magazines, newspapers or cereal boxes. It doesn’t matter! Reading should be fun and an activity both you and your child can enjoy. Whether it’s the latest Peppa Pig magazine, a super picture book or a children’s fact book (by us, of course!), read it together and have fun! 

3. Get unplugged and turn off the electronics

It’s fair to say that phones, tablets and televisions have taken over our everyday lives and it seems impossible to avoid them. Why not suggest having a day or morning every so often where the whole family unplugs and has fun without the use of technology? You could play board games, go outside on adventures or have crafting weekends. 

4. Get more sleep

Many of us stay up later than we should; but if you’re also dealing with a child that just won’t fall asleep, the evenings can be disastrous. Why not create a night-time checklist or read a passage from their favourite book to get them to sleep a tiny bit earlier. And then take yourself off to bed!

5. Recycle more

A wild card, but it's always great to look at what more you can do to help the planet by being greener, recycling more and managing your waste. You can take easy steps to lower your impact on the environment, such as creating a compost heap in your garden, recycling all your plastic packaging and reusing bags when shopping at a supermarket. Get the whole family involved and make this year your greenest. Need any ideas? Our new First Things I Can Do: Saving the Planet is here to help.

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