Convertible Four-wheel Drive

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Convertible Four-wheel Drive is the ultimate large play mat for toddlers to read, play and pretend to steer a four-wheel drive!

  • The simple story helps your child to have fun learning new words
  • Folds up into a sit-in car for your child to play inside
  • Folds down into a book, which stores away easily

Product description

This multi-purpose convertible book engages young kids with its adventurous story and delightful illustrations. Read the short story with your child about a family trip to a campsite and the different landscapes they have to drive through. Then, they can play on the illustrated story route, designed as a forest scene, with their own toys. All before pretending to drive the vehicle themselves!


Series: Convertible
Author: Amy Johnson
Illustrator: Simon Abbott
Panels: 7
Age: 3–6
Size: 345 x 345 mm when folded
Format: Board
ISBN: 9781789892048

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