100 Facts Butterflies and Moths

100 Facts Butterflies and Moths is a top butterfly book for children aged 7+, packed with exactly 100 fantastic facts, detailed images and super-fun activities. Kids will soon learn everything they need to know about these fascinating bugs.

• Close-up photos bring butterflies, moths and caterpillars to life on the page.
• Supports education at key stage 1 and key stage 2.
• Fun activities and awesome facts throughout to help the information seem less daunting.

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100 Facts Butterflies and Moths covers key topics in interesting numbered facts. Amazing information alongside clear illustrations and photographs put mind-blowing facts into context for young learners. This butterfly book for children is perfect for school projects, homework and simply discovering more about what's in the garden.

Topics covered in 100 Facts Butterflies and Moths:
• The biggest moths in the world
• Where thousands of monarch butterflies rose in winter months
• Life cycles – how a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly or moth

'I don't believe it' fascinating facts:
• In many species, the new caterpillar's first meal is its egg case, which contains lots of nutrients.
• In 2009 monarch caterpillars were taken to the International Space Station.
• The Palos Verde Blue may be the rarest butterfly. It is only found in one small area of California, USA.

Activities to make learning accessible and interactive:
• Create a new butterfly or moth species
• Quiz question: Which colours are examples of warning colours?
• Make your own butterfly garden 


Series: 100 Facts
Author: Steve Parker
Pages: 48
Age: 7+
Size: 297 x 228 mm
Format: Paperback with holographic foil
ISBN: 9781786170118

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