Make a suncatcher

The simple activity of making a suncatcher encourages children to explore their creative side and spend time in nature. All you need is a paper plate or a piece of card, some scissors, string, sticky back plastic, a hole punch and items from your garden or nearby park (such as daisies or grasses).

How to make a suncatcher

  1. Take your card or paper plate and carefully cut out the centre to make a “window.”
  2. Cut (but don’t peel) your sticky back plastic so that you have two equally sized pieces that can easily cover the “window.”
  3. Take your little one outside and search for items that you can place on the sticky back plastic when you are back indoors. Daisies and petals are great for this!
  4. Let your child take their time – and encourage them to explore and examine what they find and talk about what they are experiencing.
  5. Back indoors, peel back one layer of the sticky back plastic and attach it to your card or paper plate. Ask your child to place the items on the sticky side as carefully as possible.
  6. Next, peel the second layer of sticky back plastic and lay it on top so that the flowers, petals and grasses are sandwiched between the two pieces.
  7. Use a hole punch to make a small hole at the top of your suncatcher and pass through a piece of string long enough to hang it from a window.
  8. Let your child help you find a place to hang it and watch how the sun lights up your suncatcher as it streams through the window!
  9. Before you hang the suncatcher, your child could also decorate the paper or card with coloured pencils, crayons or even glitter!
This crafty activity allows your child to explore nature up close and make something beautiful for them to keep and remember their experience. Picking the flowers and then adding them to the suncatcher also helps improve their fine motor skills – the ability to make movements using the tiny muscles in their hands and wrists!

3+ years
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