How do the CURIOUS QUESTIONS & ANSWERS BOOKS boost my child?

1. Speech bubbles and first-person text is often short, humorous and less ‘boring’, drawing in a young reader and retaining their interest.

2. The Q&A format lets children know that the short, snappy answer will help them understand a specific, focused idea.

3. The quirky, cartoon-like illustration appeals to visual learners, encouraging them to interact with the accompanying text.

4. The questions are always curiosity-provoking, often humorous, and sometimes a little left-field – just the way a child thinks.

5. The Q&A approach means that children can dip in and out of the pages, only reading what appeals to them, and still get the full learning experience.

6. Feature pages break up the flow to further stimulate the reader, with quick-fire number facts, Did You Know trivia and the ever-popular Would You Rather game.

3+ years
Lots to Spot My Busy World Flashcards Set
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