The Animal Book

The Animal Book is the ultimate guide to the natural world, with jaw-dropping facts, out-of-this-world photographs and amazing design. Kids aged 9+ will be enthralled and excited from start to finish.

• This book only showcases the most exciting information to keep kids interested.
• Fantastic design concepts complement each subject to get kids hooked.
• Covers everything from dinosaurs and other prehistoric giants to deadly creatures.

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Four amazing chapters in The Animal Book:
• Prehistoric Giants: Meet the mega monsters that have ruled our planet throughout history! Covers prehistoric fish, bugs, reptiles – including king dinosaurs, flying reptiles, birds, mammals, serpents, mega sea monsters and much more!
• Awesome Animals: Learn how many creatures go to extremes to rise above the rest in the fight for survival. Covers unusual movement, amazing senses, weapons and tools, defence strategies, teams, super strength, clever camouflage and much more!
Deadly Nature: Find out which animals are prepared to fight tooth and claw when it comes to the crunch, with weapons ranging from lethal toxins to electro-senses. Covers family feuds, sharks, arachnids, angry birds, blood suckers, teeth and claws, teamwork, super powers and much more!
• Amazing Nature: Take a look at the breathtaking drama of nature’s spectacular events. Covers penguin life-cycle, salmon run, butterfly migration, swarms, elephant processions, great animal rivalry and much more!


Series: The Books
Authors and consultants: Camilla de la Bedoyere, Steve Parker, John Farndon

Pages: 160

Age: 9+
Size: 297 x 228 mm

Format: Hardback with embossing, foil
, iridescent film
ISBN: 9781782098928

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