Tell Me a Bible Story (First Stories & Rhymes)

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Tell Me a Bible Story (First Stories & Rhymes)

A children's paperback book with three wonderfully illustrated Bible stories for young children.
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Tell Me a Bible Story is an illustrated picture book featuring three Bible stories for preschoolers and young children. 

  • Bible tales to enjoy sharing together
  • Charming illustrations by talented picture book artists appeal to young children as they begin their sharing-stories journey
  • Thick paper for small hands to handle the book more easily

Your young child is full of curiosity and wonder, and sitting together to read the new stories in Tell Me a Bible Story picture book is a lovely way to spend some time each day. You can read the stories, look at and chat about the book's pictures and what might happen next, or let your child turn the book's pages and 'read' themselves. 

The book's first story is Noah's Ark, about a time when God noticed that the beautiful world he had created was now full of wicked people with no respect. So he spoke to an honest, hard-working man called Noah in a dream, telling him to build a giant ark to save hold of every creatures because he was planning to flood and clean the world. Noah did as he was asked, and after 40 days and 40 nights of rain, it stopped and they were able to rebuild.

The second story in Tell Me a Bible Story is Joseph and his Coat of Many Colours, about a boy called Joseph who is given a beautiful coat by his father when he turned seventeen. Joseph had many brothers and they were very jealous. One day, his brothers take his coat, sell him to traders and tell their father that he's been killed. Whilst in prison, Joseph interprets the dreams of others – including the pharaoh, who is so impressed that he puts Joseph in charge of Egypt.

The book's last story is Jonah and the Whale, about a man named Jonah who is asked by God to travel to Ninevah and tell the people of their wicked ways. Jonah doesn't want to do this, so he boards a ship travelling in the opposite direction. God sent a terrible storm, and to save the sailors, Jonah offers to be thrown overboard. God sent a whale to swallow Jonah. Stuck inside the whale, Jonah was very sorry and prayed to God for forgiveness. The whale spat Jonah out and he travelled to Ninevah to deliver God's message. The people listened and changed their ways, showing that God loves all living things.

Pages: 48
Age: 3+
Size: 240 x 240 mm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781835150368

Suitable to read to all ages, from birth.
Children aged 3+ are more likely to understand the book's content.
Children may be able to start reading the book independently from age 5+ years.

Miles Kelly is an independent UK children's book publisher. Our team works with award-winning authors and illustrators to create books that spark the imagination and curiosity of preschoolers and primary-school-aged children around the world.

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