Our Bestselling Series of 2021

Our bestselling series of 2021 are all for youngsters, encouraging them to learn new words and enjoy role playing and games. The sets are the most loved out of each of the cards series because they must be difficult to choose from – and, of course, they're great value!


1. Convertible Tractor

Our Convertible books are loved by hundreds of thousands of children around the world, with Convertible Tractor taking the top spot for 2021. The books offer 3-in-1 fun – your child can sit inside and pretend to be a driver, fold out into a long playmat to use with their own toys, or enjoy the storybook that's full of wonderful details.




2. Lots to Spot Flashcards Set

The Lots to Spot Flashcards are simply charming – and they work very hard! Not only can your toddler learn new subject words, but also colours and numbers. AND there are spot the odd-one-out games on the back of each card for added entertainment. The 4-box Set if our bestseller, and out of the individual boxes, you seem to love Lots to Spot Flashcards: On the Go!



3. My First 1000 Words

My First 1000 Words is a delightful book, full of so many subjects – farm, food, animals and vehicles. 

“This book keeps my daughter entertained for a while which is a feat in itself! She’s only 21 months but is learning new words all the time and this helps her to recognise familiar objects, and learn new ones too. We like to play spotting games where I shout out an object and she has to find and point to it on the page. Then we talk about the colours.” By Katie, MK's Marketing Manager and her toddler, as part of #100BooksUntilXmas.

See MY FIRST 1000 WORDS here >>>


4. Get Set Go Flashcards Set

Our Get Set Go Flashcards have always been popular, but they were propelled to stardom after Joe Wicks used them with his daughter Indie. They're simple, small and use photographs to help children to connect words and real-world objects.

See our GET SET GO FLASHCARDS here >>>





5. Snap Cards Game Set

It's not difficult to see why you've fallen in love with our Snap Cards Game Set – each set is wonderfully illustrated and, as with a normal pack of cards, there are 13 sets of 4 types, and the opportunity to play at least 10 different games (with our handy instructions sheet). You can even turn all of the cards over and create a giant floor puzzle.

See our SNAP CARDS here >>>


2+ years
If I were a Dinosaur…
Sale price £4.99 Regular price £6.99 Save £2
3+ years
Lots to Spot Halloween sticker book by Miles kelly cover. Shows illustrations of a witch, mummy and vampire.
Lots to Spot: Halloween! Sticker Book
Sale price £4.99 Regular price £6.99 Save £2
3+ years
Lots to Spot Christmas sticker book cover shows a family decorating a Xmas tree illustration. Book by Miles kelly
Lots to Spot Christmas Sticker Book by Miles kelly inside page shows illustrations all about Christmas Eve. Children can spot the sleigh bells on Santa's sleigh, stockings over the fireplace and people wrapping presents.
Lots to Spot: Christmas! Sticker Book
Sale price £4.99 Regular price £6.99 Save £2
3+ years
Lots to Spot Space sticker book cover showing illustration of an astronaut, surrounded by asteroids, aliens and planets
Lots to Spot Space sticker book inside page by Miles Kelly shows Our Solar System. There are illustrations of all of the planets, except Saturn which will be a sticker. Children are prompted to spot different things such as shooting stars
Lots to Spot: Space! Sticker Book
Sale price £4.99 Regular price £6.99 Save £2
3+ years
Nursery Rhymes book cover showing an illustration of a yellow bus full of people - Miles Kelly
Nursery Rhymes book sample page by Miles Kelly. Shows Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with charming illustration
Nursery Rhymes
Sale price £7.99 Regular price £16.99 Save £9