Snap Cards Game Set

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Snap Cards Game Set contains 4 boxes of cards – Animals, Dinosaurs, On the Go and Sea – for you and your child to play a multitude of games and complete floor puzzles.

  • 52 cards in each box
  • Includes instructions for 10 ways to play, including a giant floor puzzle
  • Creative games that improve memory, vocabulary, concentration and more


These bright Snap card sets provide hours of fun at home or on the go for children aged 3+. From finding pairs and creating stories to completing the giant puzzle, every activity helps children to develop their memory, vocabulary, concentration and attention to detail. 


Cards: 52 in each of the 4 boxes
Age: 3+
Size: Cards 127 x 84 mm, Box 127 x 84 x 27 mm
Format: Box with Pantone ink containing 52 double-sided cards
ISBN: 9781789890648

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