Fun space-themed activities for kids

If your child loves space and they're begging you to let them visit the Moon (honestly, I've been asked this), then maybe try a space-themed activity or two to keep them engaged and happy.

Make astronaut pudding!

This fun hands-on activity teaches children how astronauts survive in space by showing them how to prepare food in zero gravity. Joy at PinkOddy took on our challenge and prepared astronaut food with her kids. They found it challenging, but fun, and the hands-on experience helped them to really get to grips with the facts. 

Drive a spaceship

Our amazing Convertible Spaceship for toddlers folds out into a real spaceship for them to sit in and pretend to fly through the universe. Young children aged 3+ will simply love this interactive book that encourages roleplay – pretend you are on an important mission to the Moon!

Make moon dough

Taken from Anna at In The Playroom, this glittery dough is easy to make and can help children learn about the Moon’s surface and moon rocks.

Go stargazing

Where and when to watch: You can see stars more clearly in the countryside away from city lights. If you live in the countryside you will be able to see the sky clearly enough with the house lights off. Choose a dark, clear night when there are no clouds.

What you need:
• Warm clothes
• Something to sit on – deck chair
• Sleeping bag
• Blanket
• Torch
• Watch (to make note of the time)
• A compass (to know in which direction you’re looking)
• A hot drink in a flask to keep you warm
• Star chart, binoculars or telescope (if available)
• A pencil and notebook to write down your observations.

Plus, you can download our FREE moon fact file.

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