Convertible Tractor colouring sheet

My son loves tractors and any opportunity to entertain him, I grab with both hands. And colouring always goes down well. So if you'd like to colour in together our tractor from Convertible Tractor, here's your chance.

Colouring is such a great activity for children. It allows creative freedom for them to choose colours and exactly how they do it (hard lines, soft scribbles) without any rules or boundaries. Watch what your child comes up with – it's fascinating!

If you don't know Convertible Tractor already, it's one of our bestselling Convertibles books. And why? Because it's not just a book. Convertible Tractor starts as a storybook about a farmer and his day-to-day life. Then if you fold it out, it's a playmat ready for your child's own tractors to plough the fields or combine the wheat. Or if you fold it up, it becomes a SIT IN TRACTOR for your child to pretend to drive. It doesn't actually move so there's no risk to furniture, but young children love to sit inside and farm the carpet all day long!

Download Convertible Tractor colouring sheet here.