Convertible Tractor

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Convertible Tractor is a fun play mat, farmyard animal story and sit-in tractor for kids aged 3+!

  • Characterful illustrations feature farm animals your child will know and love
  • Sit-in tractor will inspire your child's imagination during playtime
  • Folds up into a book for easy storage

Product description

This 3-in-1 convertible book engages toddlers with its enjoyable story and brightly coloured illustrations. Read the short story with your child about Farmer Bob on his journey home after a busy day on the farm. Then encourage your child to interact with the story as a play mat. Finally, they can enjoy playtime using the sit-in tractor!


Series: Convertible
Author: Sarah Parkin

Illustrator: Simon Abbott
Panels: 7

Age: 3+

Dimensions: 345 x 345 mm when folded

Format: Board

ISBN: 9781782097778

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