5 rainy day ideas to entertain kids with ease

In case you’re stuck indoors with kids who are climbing the walls, we have got a list of things to do with kids on a rainy day. You can use everyday household objects to make fun indoor activities.

A good idea we spotted, to get the activities started, is to create a lolly stick pot of activities. Each lolly stick will have a different activity written on for children to choose. Kids will love the excitement of this lucky dip.

1. Bathtub fishing

Fill up the bathtub and do a spot of fishing inside. It’s great if you have a child’s fishing rod and magnetic toys to hook, but if not, you can even make your own net and ask your child to find certain objects you’ve hidden in the water.

2. Make a den

Pretend you’re going on an indoor camping trip by setting up camp in the living room. This can inspire lots of activities and roleplay ideas from the children themselves. You could also make a treasure hunt map and pretend you’re in the forest.

3. Indoor sports

You can play sports, such as balloon ping pong, by attaching a lolly stick to two paper plates, or use empty tin cans for mini golf, and even play a game of ten-pin bowling using empty plastic bottles.

4. Magic tape games

Masking tape can be used to create lots of activities for kids, including a racetrack for toy cars, or more traditional games such as hopscotch. This can all be cleared away without leaving any mess!

5. Reading time

Good books always make great rainy day activities for kids, as they are full of endless things to read, make and do. Our Project books have fascinating facts to read, activities to challenge, and fun crafts to make. or settle down with a storybook full of fun and adventure.

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