My Fairytale Time The Frog Prince

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My Fairytale Time The Frog Prince picture book is a charmingly illustrated, simple retelling of this classic story for children aged 3+.

  • Perfect for bedtime reading with parents
  • Delightful, full-page artwork full of detail and charm
  • The story has been simply retold for capture the imagination of young readers


My Fairytale Time The Frog Prince is a fantastic picture book, with stunning illustrations by Alex Willmore that bring this magical story to life in kids' imaginations. Children will love the story of princess Molly who loses her golden ball down a well and comes across a mysterious talking frog. Will she keep her promise to him after he helped her? Brightly coloured illustrations and clear text encourage children learning to read.


Illustrator: Alex Willmore
Pages: 24
Age: 3–5
Size: 260 x 260 mm
Format: Paperback with glitter
ISBN: 9781786174277