Junior Dictionary

Junior Dictionary & Thesaurus contains more than 2000 entries to help children check their spelling, build vocabulary and polish their grammar skills.

• Every entry is accompanied by a clear definition and example sentences to place words in context.
• Useful synonyms and idioms that will encourage children to think about the words they use in everyday speech and writing.
• Activities throughout to make learning and word building fun for kids.

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Junior Dictionary & Thesaurus is the perfect first thesaurus and dictionary for kids to have fun with words! There are amazing illustrations, photos and cartoons to engage kids and help them to understand more difficult ideas. Activities, puzzle panels and word games add an element of fun, so kids can enjoy improving their vocabulary. 

Examples of dictionary and thesaurus entries and example sentences:
• Accident (accidents) 1. an unexpected event, often causing damage or injury. There was an accident on the road. 2. something that happens by chance. I dropped it by accident.
• Happen (happening, happened) to be, to take place. What a lot of noise. What's happening?
• Ask – Beg to ask strongly for something you really want or need. The prisoner begged to be released. Enquire to ask for information. Tourists can enquire at the information centre. Request to ask politely for something you want. He requested an appointment with the boss.

Examples of fun word games and trivia:
• In other words... To carry the weight of the world on your shoulders = to feel worried or sad about things.
• Opposite box: The opposite of 'make' is 'destroy'.
• Did you know? Fault is also the name for a crack in the Earth's crust.
• Puzzle time: Which of these objects is the odd one out? glass, jar, bottle, plate


Author and consultant: Susan Purcell
Pages: 384
Age: 5+
Dimensions: 220 x 170 mm
Format: Paperback with holographic foil
ISBN: 9781782095217

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