How do the LOTS TO SPOT STICKER BOOKS boost my child?

1. Each title is packed with words, both familiar and unfamiliar, to build a child’s vocabulary and encourage discussion.

2. The prompted discussion with a grown-up is vital for understanding social interaction, alongside being exposed to sentence structure and language fluency.

3.Age-targeted questions and spotting activities throughout develop a child’s key early vocabulary – colours, patterns and numbers – in a fun, gamified way that you can dip in and out of.

4. The stickers are BIG, so small hands can peel, handle and place them easily – important fine motor skills to master for young kids.

5.This series was made with tired, busy grown-ups in mind – to stimulate interaction and bonding between parent and child, by giving parents the tools of simple questions and activities without having to think too much.

3+ years
Lots to Spot My Busy World Flashcards Set
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