How do the FIRST REFERENCE books boost my child?

1. The illustrated characters guide young readers through the book and are designed to represent and reassure early learners.

2. Clear, concise paragraphs of text work to not overwhelm children and slowly build their understanding of complex ideas.

3. Simple activities with a positive ‘I Can’ message encourage children to process and understand an idea by practising and recreating.

4. Delightful, modern illustration – with just enough detail for the 5–7 age range – is fun, friendly and educational to actively support children who learn better with strong visual prompts.

5. Labels, speech bubble text and stand-alone facts allow children to dip in and out, learning and processing at their own pace.

3+ years
Packshot image of Miles Kelly's Get Set Go Flashcard Set. This set contains four packs of flashcards – Letters flashcards, Numbers flashcards, Animals flashcards, and Colours and Shapes flashcards. The boxes are very bright, colourful and have a special sparkly effect.
An image of an animal flashcard from Miles Kelly's Get Set Go Animals Flashcards set. There is an image of a
Get Set Go Flashcards Set
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