How do the ACTIVITY PACKS boost my child?

1. Fun Activity Pad encourages children to practise a wide range of skills, including fine motor skills, when completing mazes and dot-to-dot puzzles.

2. Black-and-white illustrations throughout for children to simply colour in, for a
calm, mindful activity that they can complete independently.

3. Colourful Flashcards reinforce learning new subject words, as well as counting and colouring, giving young children visual aids to support their recall skills.

4. Beautifully illustrated Game Cards introduce naming words, whilst also strengthening a child’s ability to understand rules and play an interactive game.

5. The Jigsaw Puzzle develops a child’s patience and decoding skills, as they learn how to piece the puzzle together.

3+ years
Lots to Spot My Busy World Flashcards Set
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