Learning through Play with Convertibles

So why are our Convertible books great for learning through play? Read on to find out more…

Stories and scenarios in Convertibles

Every Convertible contains a simple story or scenario which relates to its title e.g Spaceship, Tractor, Train etc. Similarly, Convertible Ice Cream Shop includes fun activities related to the duties of being the owner of an ice cream shop. With our Dinosaur and vehicle Convertibles, children will unfold the mat and discover an illustrated story route, designed for learning through play, with small obstacles along the way which encourage your child to think about how to overcome them.

5 ways to use the Convertible playmat function

  1. Read the story together and point to what is happening
  2. When you reach an obstacle, ask your child what they think will happen/should be done.
  3. Talk about all the details they can see – ‘Can you find the cat?’, ‘How many flowers are by the pond?’ etc.
  4. Discuss other scenarios in which a fire fighter might help or what a farmer does in the field etc.
  5. Use your own toys along the path to interact with the illustrations and create new situations

Immersive role play with Convertibles

Unlike a regular book, children can really immerse themselves in their learning experience with Convertibles. The playmat can be folded up, stuck together with velcro tabs and be transformed into a vehicle or dinosaur.

With Convertible Ice Cream Shop, simply stand up the panels to reveal an Ice Cream shop front in which a toddler can sit behind and pretend to serve ice cream. There are different ice cream flavour cards which slot into the top of illustrated cones, enabling your child to build their own ice cream concoctions, one layer at a time.

With our other Convertibles, children will take on different roles such as train driver, astronaut, princess, dinosaur and discover what it is like to be them for a day, or whenever they play!

5 ways to role play with Convertibles

  1. Take on the role of the driver, dinosaur or ice cream seller.
  2. Play with a friend and be the conductor, patient, person in trouble, farmer’s helper, Prince, customer etc.
  3. If you have role play outfits, put on a costume and get really stuck into playing the characters.
  4. Create your own story with your child as the protagonist.
  5. Use the Convertible as a special den – however you see fit!

Skills your child will develop with Convertibles

Convertible Ice Cream Shop features lots of different activities to help develop a toddler’s basic skills including spotting, numbers and colour recognition. Children will need to work out how much ice creams cost, count how many scoops or find different flavour colours, amongst other things.

All Convertibles explore the senses and will spark discussions about sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Children can use their recall skills, with opportunities to make parallels with their own life and past experiences.

The tactile nature of Convertibles encourages children to use their problem-solving and fine motor skills, from helping to construct the Convertible, to moving toys along the illustrated route to avoid the obstacles.

Learning about the world with Convertibles

Convertible Ice Cream Shop encourages turn taking with one child/parent being the shopkeeper and the other being the customer. Your child will ask questions about money and understand the concept of a price, a sale and change from a purchase.

With our other Convertibles, children will learn about many roles, from a police officer to a fire fighter and why their job is so important, learning about ‘people who help us’, and the feelings of appreciation and empathy. The roleplay nature of the books allow children to use their own imaginations and learn key concepts independently, while having fun.

Convertibles are the ultimate learning through play books for toddlers.