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10 mythical monsters and villains
29 July 2014

As the Summer Reading Challenge has the theme 'Mythical Maze' we thought we'd add to your experience by sharing some monstrous myths with you. We've taken 10 facts about villains and...

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Send in a library selfie of you & your child doing the #SummerReadingChallenge to win. There's 8 up for grabs!!! http://t.co/cjKgJH9YPQ

Get an extra '1 of your 6 a day' for the #SummerReadingChallenge with an Aesop's fable... http://t.co/AyyXJnhbVN http://t.co/MUESwbGCxe

Are your kids taking part in the #SummerReadingChallenge? If not then head to the @readingagency now and get involved!!!

Congrats!!! We have our first 2 winners of a 100 Facts Myths & Legends book @TTCM76 @sarahyewman. Send in a library selfie to bag a copy!

@Godmancunian Unfortunately it's just for kids! :-( Keep a look out for our summer offers though!

Send in a library selfie taken during #SummerReadingChallenge to us @Mileskellypub. First 10 sent in win a copy of... http://t.co/WljuzYN4kj