How do the SNAP GAME CARDS boost my child?

1. Each Game Cards set is wonderfully illustrated to be bright, colourful and fun – to delight and engage a child to want to play.

2. Naming words are used for each card, teaching children to hear and see new words whilst having fun.

3.An instruction card details how to play 10 games, including simple Snap. Card games practise memory skills, concentration and attention to detail, as well as social skills such as taking turns.

4.Playing games together creates a fun atmosphere to laugh and bond together, as well as giving a child the full attention of a grown-up. This lets the child know that they matter in that moment, boosting self-esteem.

5. When turned over, the cards can be joined together as a giant jigsaw puzzle, which children must use their decoding skills and patience to complete.

3+ years
Lots to Spot My Busy World Flashcards Set
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