The Ultimate Guide Animal

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The Ultimate Guide Animal is a remarkable book for children aged 8+, detailing hundreds of mind-blowing facts.

  • Your child can take a close-up look inside 5 animal bodies using the acetate pages 
  • Packed with facts and information, artwork and photos
  • Two large posters


This fascinating animal world is made truly accessible – the book is split into five key sections, and text is presented as easy-to-read bullet points. Every section includes a transparent acetate sheet feature, which allows young learners to see inside the working anatomy of a top animal predator. Also included are two large colour posters – one packed with stunning artwork of animals in their habitats, the other highlighting animals in danger around the world.


Author: Camilla de la Bedoyere, John Farndon, Steve Parker, Barbara Taylor
Pages: 64
Age: 8+
Size: 279 x 214 mm
Format: Paperback with embossing, holographic foil
ISBN: 9781782099925