The Science Book

The Science Book is the ultimate guide to the world of science, with incredible facts, stunning photographs and artworks and fantastic design. Kids aged 9+ will be enthralled and excited from start to finish.

• This book only showcases the most exciting information to keep kids interested.
• Fantastic design concepts complement each subject to get kids hooked.
• Covers everything from chemical reactions and the human body to the universe.

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Four amazing chapters in The Science Book:
• Incredible Science: Discover the breakthroughs that have shaped the world. Covers explosives and chemical reactions, wonder materials, cold conditions, telescopes and microscopes, light and radiation, incredible forces, black holes, the Large Hadron Collider, radiation and much more!
• Body Science: Take a top-to-toe tour of the human body in action. Covers body systems, skin and hair, cells, blood and the heart, the brain, the nervous system, eyes and sight, reproduction and growth, muscles and bones, the immune system and much more!
• Wild Science: Find out about extreme reactions and deadly materials. Covers matter, the atmosphere, halogens, acids, toxic rocks, carbon strength, cryogenics, extreme pressure, combustion, electricity, radiation and much more!
• Extreme Universe: Prepare to feel tiny as you marvel at the colossal size of our Universe. Covers the Big Bang Theory, galaxies, the Milky Way, star birth and death, space telescopes, exoplanets, the Sun, the Solar System’s planets, Earth’s moon, dwarf planets and much more!


Series: The Books
Authors and consultants: John Farndon, Ian Graham, Clint Twist, Clive Gifford, Steve Parker

Pages: 160

Age: 9+
Size: 297 x 228 mm

Format: Hardback with embossing, foil
, iridescent film
ISBN: 9781782098416

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