Spot 50 Sharks

Spot 50 Sharks is a fantastic shark book for kids aged 7+ to identify 50 different species. Key information about sharks, amazing pictures and interesting facts make this a brilliant book for any shark fan!

• Each species is shown with a life-like illustration and detailed labels.
• Extra facts throughout will spark your child's curiosity.
• Fact files include key information, such as habitat, size and scientific name.

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Spot 50 Sharks contains 50 different shark species, including rays and other members of the shark family for kids to identify during visits to the coast, trips to the aquarium or whilst doing their own research. From common sharks such as the silky shark, to rarer sightings such as the frilled shark, and not forgetting the most-feared – the great white shark, this is a comprehensive guide to sharks for kids.

Useful and practical features in Spot 50 Sharks include:
• Helpful introduction to key features of sharks, such as a species and their predatory nature.
• Top tips for kids on the most common areas of the world to find sharks.
• A key to the eight different shark orders, how to distinguish them, and placing sharks into a big order or smaller families.
• Each species is introduced so kids can learn about the characteristics and behaviour of each shark, detailed fact files provide information on scientific name, reproduction habits and habitat, and a scale helps kids to visualise the size of each shark compared to an average human.

Discover amazing shark facts such as:
• Peculiar-looking creatures, saw sharks were common in the world's oceans millions of years ago, but are now found less frequently due to over-fishing.
• A bizarre way of feeding has given rise to the shark's common name of cookie-cutter, although it is also known as the cigar shark because of its body shape.
• The whale shark is the largest shark – and the largest fish – in the world.


Series: Spot 50
Author: Camilla de la Bedoyere
Pages: 56
Age: 7+
Dimensions: 264 x 183.5 mm
Format: Paperback with foil
ISBN: 9781782098546

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