Spot 50 Seashore

Spot 50 Seashore book is an easy-to-use seashore field guide for children aged 7+. Using colourful illustrations, fun facts and key information, kids can become experts in identifying rock pool creatures, underwater animals, seashore plants and more!

• Clear identification tips
• Useful illustrations and photos for every entry
• Amazing facts and stats

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Spot 50 Seashore covers 50 different seashore species from beachcombing birds such as the oystercatcher to crawling crustaceans such as the hermit crab. Illustrations of each species are clearly labelled and accompanied by useful information and detailed fact files.

Useful and practical features in Spot 50 Seashore include:
• A seashore species list for kids to tick off once they spot a species. This task gives kids the opportunity to 'collect' each species and record their progress.
• Practical information, such as seashore safety, and tips about where and how to find each species, mean children have all they need to identify different species in the great outdoors.
• A brief glossary defining important vocabulary such as mollusc, estuary and algae, to ensure kids have a strong understanding of these scientific terms.
• An introduction explaining the features of different seashore habitats such as shingle beaches, sand dunes, saltmarshes and rock pools.
• Useful annotations and labels that push children not only to identify each species, but also to make detailed and sophisticated observations about them.

Discover amazing seashore facts such as:
• Basking sharks are slow swimmers but they can breach – jump out of the water. No one knows why they do this.
• Weever fish are poor swimmers and can scarcely manage 50 cm before falling to the seafloor.
• Oarweeds belong to a family of seaweeds called kelps. Underwater forests of kelp make great places for sea creatures to shelter.


Author: Camilla de la Bedoyere
Pages: 56
Age: 7+
Size: 264 x 183.5 mm
Format: Paperback with foil
ISBN: 9781848109063

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