Spot 50 Rocks & Minerals

Spot 50 Rocks & Minerals is a fantastic rocks and minerals guide for kids aged 7+, including rock identification tips and fascinating facts for kids to become budding geologists in no time!

• Each specimen is authentically illustrated in its true-to-life form, with detailed labels.
• Extra amazing facts for kids to learn whilst they rock hunt.
• Top tips throughout to help budding explorers find rocks and minerals on their doorstep.

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Spot 50 Rocks & Minerals contains 50 different types of rocks and minerals, including precious gemstones, for kids to identify during their explorations or with their own private collections. From granite to quartz to literal hidden gems, this is a comprehensive guide to rocks and minerals for kids.

Useful features in Spot 50 Rocks & Minerals include:
• Helpful introductions on what to look out for such as colour, lustre, grains and crystals, and transparency.
• Top tips for kids on where to look to find rocks and minerals and staying safe.
• A key to Mohs scale of hardness to help kids compare different types of rock and their durability.
• Each specimen is introduced so kids can learn about the rock or mineral's history and the process by which they are formed. Detailed fact files provide information on appearance, location, composition, weight and much more.

Discover amazing facts about rocks such as:
• People use halite for cooking, flavouring, seasoning and preserving – it is better known as common salt or rock salt.
• Andesite is named after South America's Andes Mountains. Vast amounts of this long, high range are made of andesite, where it has erupted from volcanoes over millions of years.
• Limestone is basically the mineral calcite, a form of calcium carbonate, usually with bits and pieces from sea creatures, broken into various sizes.


Series: Spot 50
Author: Steve Parker
Pages: 56
Age: 7+
Dimensions: 264 x 183.5 mm
Format: Paperback with foil
ISBN: 9781782098553

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