Spot 50 Insects

Spot 50 Insects is a useful insect identification guide for kids aged 7+. Using colourful illustrations, fun facts and key information, kids can learn how to identify insect species.

• Clear identification tips
• Useful illustrations and photos for every entry
• Amazing facts and stats

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Spot 50 Insects covers 50 different insect species from beautiful butterflies such as the peacock and holly blue, to busy beetles such as the ladybird and stag beetle. Illustrations of each species are clearly labelled and accompanied by useful information and detailed fact files.

Useful and practical features in Spot 50 Insects include:
• A mini picture reference and practical details, such as scale, to help children quickly identify different species.
• An insect species list for kids to tick off once they spot a species. This task gives kids the opportunity to 'collect' each species and record their progress.
• A brief glossary defining important vocabulary such as antennae, larvae and colony, so that kids have a strong understanding of these scientific terms.
• An introduction covering the anatomy of insects and the different types of insect.

Discover amazing insect facts such as:
• Stag beetles were common in gardens and parklands, but they have become increasingly rare over the last 50 years and are now threatened with extinction.
• Bees communicate with each other in different ways, including 'dancing'. Honeybees returning to the hive use a dance to tell other bees where to find nectar.
• In ancient times, dragonflies were much bigger than they are today. Fossils of dragonflies show that their wingspans reached up to 75 cm!


Author: Camilla de la Bedoyere
Pages: 56
Age: 7+
Size: 264 x 183.5 mm
Format: Paperback with foil
ISBN: 9781848106031

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