Spot 50 Butterflies & Moths

Spot 50 Butterflies & Moths is an easy-to-use moth and butterfly book for kids aged 7+. Using colourful illustrations, fun facts and key information, kids can become experts in British butterfly identification.

• Clear identification tips
• Useful illustrations and photos for every entry
• Amazing facts and stats

“These are slim, neat books, ideal for packing in a suitcase or backpack and taking with you whenever you are out and about.” Parents in Touch

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Spot 50 Butterflies & Moths covers 50 different British butterflies and moths from the well-known red admiral and painted lady to the rarely seen purple emperor and clouded yellow. Illustrations of each species are clearly labelled and accompanied by useful information and detailed fact files.

Useful and practical features in Spot 50 Butterflies & Moths include:
• A butterfly and moth species list for kids to tick off once they spot a species. This task gives kids the opportunity to 'collect' each species and record their progress.
• Practical details, such as actual size and tips about where and how to find them, mean children have all they need to identify different species in the great outdoors.
• A brief glossary defining important vocabulary such as chrysalis, cocoon and pupa, to ensure kids have a strong understanding of these scientific terms.
• An introduction with a clear explanation of butterfly and moth anatomy and the difference between butterflies and moths, as well as gardening tips.
• Useful annotations and labels that push children not only to identify each species, but also to make detailed and sophisticated observations about them.

Discover amazing butterfly and moth facts such as:
• The death's head hawk-moth has a strange habit of crawling into beehives in search of honey.
• Marsh fritillary butterflies are one of Britain's rarest species. Their numbers have been declining for some time.
• With its delicate wings, pale yellow colour and dainty, orange banding, the swallow tailed moth can easily be mistaken for a butterfly.


Author: Camilla de la Bedoyere
Pages: 56
Age: 7+
Dimensions: 264 x 183.5 mm
Format: Paperback with foil
ISBN: 9781848105973

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