Reading Together 8-Book Set With Poster

Reading Together 8-Book Set With Poster includes the whole series of phonics books that cleverly unite familiar fairytales with phonics practice for children aged 5+. The poster includes all 44 phonemes for kids to practise.

• Activities throughout help children to improve word-building skills.
• 70 reusable stickers to use with the activities.
• Reading Together series covers all 44 phonemes that children are taught at school.

Reading Together 8-Book Set With Poster contains eight wonderful classic fairytales, carefully retold to help children aged 5+ refine their phonic skills. 

Each page focuses on a distinct sound, using sound out, word building and spotting activities with reusable stickers to support fine motor skills and problem-solving skills. Children are also rewarded for both effort and success along the way, with gold star stickers, to help them to gain confidence. 

Throughout the series of eight books, all 44 phonemes (sounds) that children are taught at school are practised.

How to use each book:
• Read aloud so your child can hear you emphasize the sounds that are highlighted in red.
• Sound out together the highlighted sounds.
• Try the sticker activities to practise building each word with the separate sounds.
• Retell the story with your child using the pictures and key sounds shown.


Phonics consultant: Susan Purcell
Pages: 8 x 24
Age: 5+
Size: Paperbacks 275 x 215 mm; Poster 645 x 550 mm
Format: 8 paperbacks with foil, plastic wallet with poppers
ISBN: 9781782098102