Questions and Answers Science

Questions and Answers Science encyclopedia for kids aged 5–8 years is packed full of fun questions and easy-to-follow answers about the amazing world of science.

• Easy to use and dip in and out of for young children who are used to asking questions!
• Fun cartoons and facts make non fiction books more approachable for kids.
• Simple activities for kids to discover new ideas independently.

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Questions and Answers Science is the perfect book for curious kids aged 5–8. Covering all kinds of topics from atoms and energy to the human body and space, this brilliantly illustrated book is great to get children interested in the world around them.

Each question is accompanied by bright photographs, fun cartoons or detailed artwork and is simply answered to give children a basic understanding of each topic. Simple activities help kids explore what they have learned and fascinating facts throughout engage young readers.

Sample questions in Questions and Answers Science:
• How many bones are in the human body?
• What are magnetic poles?
• Where does rain comes from?
• What are glaciers?
• Why does the Earth spin?

Fascinating facts entertain children:
• When a volcano erupts, the hot lava cools and forms a rocky layer. With each new eruption, another layer is added and the volcano gets bigger.
• Radio waves can travel through space. But they can't travel through water. So you can listen to a radio in a space station but not in a submarine.
• There are millions of tiny touch sensors in your skin. They tell your brain when something touches your skin. Some sensors feel hot and cold. Others feel pain. Ouch!


Series: Questions and Answers
Author: Chris Oxlade
Pages: 96
Age: 5–8
Size: 297 x 228 mm
Format: Paperback with holographic foil
ISBN: 9781782099734

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