Questions and Answers Oceans

Questions and Answers Oceans is the perfect book for kids aged 5–8 to discover everything about oceans and sea creatures.

• Fun, standalone facts stick in children's minds, developing recall skills.
• Simple activities to do with your child helps them put ideas into practice.
• Concise text explains basic ideas clearly.

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Questions and Answers Oceans is loaded with fantastic facts about coral reefs, seashore life, sharks and much, much more!

Fun activity panels and easy-to-follow questions and answers are accompanied by simple activities, which provide tips on further interactive learning. The incredible facts are accompanied by fantastic photos, illustrations and cartoons to help explain things further. With amazing fact panels throughout, this illustrated ocean encyclopedia for kids is ideal for both inquisitive minds and the pickiest of readers.

Sample questions in Questions and Answers Oceans:
• Why do birds love the seaside?
• Where can you discover rock pools?
• How do fish clean their teeth?
• Which crabs move house?
• Why do sharks have pointy teeth?

Fascinating facts help explain ideas further:
• Lanternsharks can glow in the dark. The light they create attracts small creatures such as fish and squid, so the shark can snap them up.
• There are more than 24,000 different types of fish in the world. Many of those live in or around coral reefs.
• There are poisonous snakes in the sea. The banded sea snake and the yellow-bellied sea snake both use poison to kill their prey. Their poison is far stronger that that of land snakes.


Series: Questions and Answers
Authors: Camilla de la Bedoyere, Anna Claybourne
Pages: 96
Age: 5–8
Size: 297 x 228 mm
Format: Paperback on iridescent foil
ISBN: 9781782099710

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