Polar Survival Handbook

Polar Survival Handbook explores the ends of Earth and educates kids aged 8+ about the environmental conditions of the polar regions and how to overcome the ultimate survival challenge.

• Clear identification tips
• Useful illustrations and photos for every entry
• Amazing facts and stats

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With six sections from 'Get informed' to 'Get settled', Polar Survival Handbook teaches kids everything about being stranded in the cold wilderness. Vital topics and activities are included in this survival book for kids to learn about bushcraft and survival kits, as well as true stories.

Sections and topics inside Polar Survival Handbook:
• Get Informed: ends of the Earth, Arctic wilderness, the frozen south, life in the freezer, treacherous terrain and polar predators
• Get Ready: planning your trip, choosing your kit, dress for the cold, food and medicine and before you go
• Get Safe: first things first, fighting the cold, emergency shelter, making fire and water for life
• Get Settled: making camp, snug shelters, bushcraft skills, food from the land and hunting on ice
• Get Moving: moving on, journey preparation, finding the way, on the move, and across ice and water
• Get Out: staying healthy, cold-related illness, in an emergency, attracting rescue and true story 'Stranded in the Antarctic' by Douglas Mawson

Inside the book:
• Key ideas such as how to beat hypothermia and making snow shoes are covered in short paragraphs and bullet points to engage young readers.
• Awesome photos and diagrams for kids to understand each polar survival situation and what is required.
• 'Try this at home' projects for kids to demonstrate survival tactics such as 'making a Hudson bay pack'.
• 'Wow', 'Tip' and 'Warning' boxes offer helpful advice, safety tips and interesting facts.
• The book finishes with an inspirational true story of survival so that kids can learn from real-life examples of survival.
• Fun pull-out poster summarizes the must-know polar survival tips.


Author: Jen Green
Consultant: Andrew Price
Pages: 96
Age: 8+
Dimensions: 220 x 160 mm
Format: Paperback with graining, neon ink and curved corners
ISBN: 9781782094357

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