Over 1000 Fantastic Animal Facts

Over 1000 Fantastic Animal Facts is a 512-page animal encyclopedia for kids, packed with amazing photographs and illustrations and mind-blowing facts about the animal kingdom.

• Fun mini projects and quizzes throughout for kids to see facts in action.
• Detailed photos and artworks to support the facts.
• Numbered facts help children to track their progress and feel achievement. 

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Over 1000 Fantastic Animal Facts covers everything young learners need to know about the animal world!

Topics include the beginnings of life with dinosaurs and prehistoric life, the weapons of fearsome deadly creatures, and the history of domestic animals such as cats and dogs. Along with fun activities, including mini projects and quizzes, this great-value children's book lets kids test their knowledge or learn something new!

Topics covered in this book include:
• Find out about Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life, from the first sea life to discovering T rex fossils.
• Extinction and Endangered Animals looks at mass extinction in the ice ages and animals on the brink of being wiped out today.
• Nocturnal Animals explores how animals use their senses to navigate the dark.
• Deadly Creatures shows the weapons and skills both big and small animals use to attack prey and defend themselves.
• Learn about the history of Cats, Dogs and Horses and the different breeds that exist today.

Simple activities for kids to test out concepts include:
• Does camouflage really work? Make some different-coloured paper birds and hide them in the garden. Which is easier to see?
• Make a snake habitat poster using a world map and pictures of snakes.
• What would you make extinct? Write a list of pests, such as flies or rats, that you would make extinct. Ask family and friends to see if they have the same answers.

Jaw-dropping, humorous facts include:
• The eyes of Tyrannosaurus rex were up to 8 centimetres across!
• Barn owls have white undersides to help them to disappear against the sky when seen from below – by their prey!
• 900 years ago, the King of Norway handed his throne to his dog! The royal pooch ruled for three years and signed papers with a paw print!


Pages: 512
Age: 7+
Size: 220 x 170 mm
Format: Flexiback on foil
ISBN: 9781848105430

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