My Fairytale Time The Three Little Pigs

My Fairytale Time The Three Little Pigs book is a charmingly illustrated, simple retelling of how the little pigs try to keep a roof over their heads when the big bad wolf is on the prowl!

• Beautiful, bright illustrations
• Clear, energetic text throughout, perfect for toddlers
• Thick paper suitable for young children

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My Fairytale Time The Three Little Pigs book is a fantastic large format picture book, with stunning illustrations by Sharon Harmer, that brings fairytale characters to life in kids' imaginations.

Features of My Fairytale Time The Three Little Pigs book:
• Large pages with brightly coloured illustrations of classic scenes and fairytale characters.
• Large, clear text throughout, humorous language and speech that stands out encourage children who are learning to read and appeal to kids who enjoy story time.
• As a picture book, there is an emphasis on full-page illustrations to engage young readers to take part in storytelling.

An extract from My Fairytale Time The Three Little Pigs:
"Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll BLOW your house down!"
As the house of sticks was blown down, sticks flew everywhere, hitting the wolf on the head. The second little pig made his getaway. He ran off as fast as he could to find his brother and sister.


Illustrator: Sharon Harmer
Pages: 24
Age: 3–5
Dimensions: 260 x 260 mm
Format: Paperback with glitter
ISBN: 9781782096566

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