Mini Encyclopedia Bugs

Mini Encyclopedia Bugs is the mini book crammed with masses of knowledge about the insect world.

• Interesting bulleted facts for easy understanding.
• Colour-coded sections help children to navigate the book.
• Brilliantly detailed illustrations and photos support learning.

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A perfect introduction to comprehensive bugs books for kids, Mini Encyclopedia Bugs is small enough to slot into school bags, making this a fantastic resource for school projects and homework at key stage 2.

This compact, comprehensive children's encyclopedia uses clear, bulleted facts and incredible info panels to explain everything from the life cycle of butterflies, how spiders feed and why bees collect nectar. Every topic is supported by photographs, realistic artwork and detailed diagrams, and colour-coded sections make navigation through the topics easy and quick.

Chapters and topic examples of Mini Encyclopedia Bugs:
• Insect world: Anatomy, Communication, Pollinators, Defence, Parasites and Stings
• Ants, bees and wasps: Army ant, Leafcutter ant, Honey, Bumblebee and Hornet
• Butterflies and moths: Tortoiseshell butterfly, Red admiral butterfly, Peacock butterfly, Atlas moth and Peppered moth
• Flies, beetles and bugs: Horse fly, Mosquito, Firefly, Stag beetle and Cicada
• Termites, cockroaches, crickets and grasshoppers: Termite anatomy, Social behavior, Wood termite, Madagascan hissing cockroach and Locust
• Other insects: Stick insect, Dragonfly, Praying mantis, Flea and Earwig
• Spiders, scorpions and mites: Silk, Black widow spider, Tarantula, Horseshoe crab and Ticks
• Worms, millipedes and centipedes: Lugworm, Bloodworm, Leech, Earthworm, Giant centipede

Amazing facts for kids to learn include:
• Scientists discovered the fossils of a dragonfly that lived 300 mya. It had a wingspan as big as a seagull.
• House-flies are known to spread 40 serious diseases. A single fly harbours as many as 33 million infectious organisms inside its intestines and 500 million on its body surface and legs.
• Out of the 35,000 different kinds of spider, only about 30 are dangerous to people.


Pages: 384
Age: 8+
Size: 165 x 127.5 mm
Format: Paperback with graining, curved corners and neon ink
ISBN: 9781782094456

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