Mini Classic Pinocchio

Mini Classic Pinocchio has been thoughtfully reimagined to excite and enthral your child when reading this timeless classic.

  • Delightful tale of adventure accompanied by enchanting illustrations
  • Its small size makes it perfect for your child to hold and read alone
  • Explanatory notes at the back of the book help your child to understand the story


Delightfully written, Pinocchio follows the exciting adventures of a mischievous wooden puppet who wants to become a boy. Your child can join Pinocchio as he runs away to the puppet theatre, gets led astray by a cunning fox and cat, and meets the terrible Dogfish.  


Series: Mini Classic
Author: Carlo Collodi
Illustrator: Eliza Vavouri
Pages: 320
Age: 8+
Size: 165 x 127.5 mm
Format: Paperback with curved corners, graining, metallic ink
ISBN: 9781786170248

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