Junior Encyclopedia

Junior Encyclopedia is a children's encyclopedia with a difference, providing young learners with a wealth of knowledge in an accessible way.

• Fun activities throughout to put learning into practice.
• Bitesized information to hold a child's attention.
• Amazing images to support children who learn well through visual prompts.

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Crammed with amazing bitesized facts, fantastic photographs and detailed artworks, Junior Encyclopedia explains key concepts in a fun way to appeal to younger readers and support their learning at school.

Captions, picture annotations and special info panels provide extra information to reinforce a child's understanding. Plus, fun activities throughout help kids to engage with the facts, enabling them to recall the information at a later date.

Chapters and example topics in Junior Encyclopedia:
• Incredible Space: Our life-giving star, the Sun
• Active Earth: Inside Earth
• Wild Weather: The water cycle
• Super Science: What is electricity?
• Deadly Dinosaurs: Huge hunters
• Ocean Life: Deep-sea creatures
• Fantastic Mammals: Biggest mammals
• Brilliant Birds: Rainforest birds
• Awesome Bugs: Burrowing bugs
• Ancient Egypt: Powerful pharaohs
• Ancient Rome: The Roman Empire
• Knights and Castles: Life in the Middle Ages

Fun Fact! boxes make curriculum subjects enjoyable:
• The surface of the Sun is nearly 60 times hotter than boiling water. It is so hot, it would melt a spacecraft that flew near it.
• Flying fish can use their winglike fins to keep them in the air for as long as 30 seconds!
• The average depth of the Pacific is more than 4000 metres, making it the world's deepest ocean.

Activity panels help to demonstrate difficult ideas with practical projects:
• Quiz time! How did Egyptians travel? Look at the picture clue.
• Understand how bugs fly by making wings with scissors, sticky tape, stiff card and tissue paper.
• Take your own pulse using just modelling clay and a drinking straw.


Pages: 384
Age: 5+
Dimensions: 220 x 170 mm
Format: Paperback with iridescent foil
ISBN: 9781782099697

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