I am a lizard!

I am a lizard! is full of fantastic photos, informative text, jokes, cartoons and lots of fun mini projects!

• Simple, fun facts help to develop reading skills.
• Activity pages featuring craft projects, recipes, puzzles and games.
• Great stickers that children can use to illustrate the story pages.

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This amazing book provides a creative way for children aged 4+ to learn about these fascinating reptiles whilst developing their reading skills.

Children will love learning why lizards bask in the sun, how they find food and why they have such scaly skin. The fun story at the end adds an interactive element as kids can illustrate it using the 10–20 colourful stickers provided. I am a lizard! is a great introduction to reptile books for children aged 4+

Fascinating facts included in I am a lizard!:
• There a few types of chameleon that can fit on your finger!
• Lizards have sticky feet so that they can climb upside down.
• A few types of lizard eat plants. They feed on leaves, fruit and flowers.

Fun activities include craft ideas, animal games and recipes for kids:
• Draw a lizard using the template on the activity page.
• Create a work of art in the style of Aboriginal artist from Australia.
• Lost tails! These three lizards have lost their tails. Look carefully at the patterns to match the tail to the lizard.

An extract from Hide and Seek:
Leon the lizard loved to play hide and seek in his jungle home. His green skin helped him hide among the leaves, and he could stand as still as a rock. Leon's friends would spend hours looking for him. They joked that he was an invisible lizard!


Author: Camilla de la Bedoyere
Pages: 24
Age: 4+
Size: 240 x 200 mm
Format: Paperback with neon ink, sticker sheet
ISBN: 9781782095071

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