I am a big cat!

I am a big cat! is full of stunning photographs, playful and informative text, jokes, cartoons and loads of things to make and do!

• Simple, fun facts help to develop reading skills.
• Activity pages featuring craft projects, recipes, puzzles and games.
• Great stickers that children can use to illustrate the story pages.

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This fantastic book provides a creative way for children aged 4+ to learn about these jungle cats whilst developing their reading skills. Children will love learning why lions roar, where leopards hide their food and how tigers stay cool in the jungle.

The fun story at the end adds an interactive element as kids can illustrate it using the 10–20 colourful stickers provided. I am a big cat! is a fantastic introduction to tiger, leopard and lion books for kids aged 4+.

Fascinating facts inside I am a big cat!:
• Leopards are good at climbing trees. They often hide their food in the branches.
• Cubs are born blind and helpless.
• Jaguars hunt animals such as turtles and alligators in the water.

Fun activities include craft ideas, animal games and recipes for kids:
• Play 'Quiet as a cat' – one person is the big cat and faces the wall, and everyone else tries to reach them without making a noise.
• Make lion cupcakes using ready-made plain cupcakes, orange or yellow icing, black icing in a piping bag and popcorn.
• Jumble in the jungle – can you unscramble these big cat names?

An extract from The Lion that Couldn't Roar:
The day that Stanley was born was a proud day for his family. He was a strong cub, with sharp claws and big teeth. His mother and father said that he would be the leader of a pride, stronger than all other lions. 'Meow!' answered Stanley. His mother and father looked at each other in horror. 'Stanley can't roar!' they cried.


Author: Camilla de la Bedoyere
Pages: 24
Age: 4+
Size: 240 x 200 mm
Format: Paperback with neon ink, sticker sheet
ISBN: 9781782095057

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