Horse Stories The Brave Horse Brothers

Horse Stories The Brave Horse Brothers features wonderful stories about noble horses for horse lovers aged 5+.

• Fantastic introduction to classic tales that children will love.
• Wonderfully illustrated by talented children's artists.
• Perfect for reading aloud with young kids, or for confident readers to enjoy alone.

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Horse Stories The Brave Horse Brothers is a delightful horse story book including tales by Andrew Lang and James Baldwin, which are brought to life with the charming illustrations.

Each story has been thoughtfully retold and is a great way to introduce kids into classic literature.

Stories found in Horse Stories The Brave Horse Brothers:
• Griffen, the High Flyer by James Baldwin
• Jupiter and the Horse by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
• The Giant and the Unicorn, Gertrude Landa's retelling of a traditional Jewish folktale
• The Brave Horse Brothers, Andrew Lang's retelling of a ancient Romanian folktale

An extract from The Brave Horse Brothers:
She put on a coat of golden armour, chose the most spirited jet-black horse in the royal stables, and darted away. However, unbeknown to his daughters, the old king was a magician. He overtook the eldest princess, changed himself into a wolf, and lay down under a bridge he knew she would have to cross.


Pages: 40
Age: 5–8
Size: 279.4 x 216 mm
Format: Paperback with glitter
ISBN: 9781782096535

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